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There is great networking events to attend, some have been running for a long time. There is a mixture of membership organisations - making all sorts of offers if you decide to join NOW and there are free events where you can just turn up and for the price of a cup of coffee meet quite a few people.

Is this the right networking for you?? It may well be - especially if you have a product to sell. No more cold calling, travel to all the networking meetings you can get your hands on and everyone is a potential customer. Nothing wrong with that at all ... BUT.. if you are not selling a product, maybe you have a service or indeed you are the product - how do you compete in this type of networking.

More people are turning to the internet. We can join just as mang networking groups on line as we can attend. The big difference - we visit when it suits us. We don't have to face sales people but the down side is - we don't get face to face.

SHE is now matchmaking for anyone who wants to make good contacts - haven't got time to waste and maybe need some help with networking and where to start.

SHEplc has seen thousands of pounds worth of business over the last few years, so there is a lot of experience here and a lot of wonderful contacts.

If you have a business that needs a bit of publicity, perhaps a big event coming up - or need to meet the right people for you... try the new ONLINE - SHEplc and see if she can help you.

First half hour is free of charge - if SHE can't help you - SHE walks away. 2nd half hour costs only 25, where you will get some help in three areas.
1.A possible connection or contact:
2.Help with your networking and whre to go
3.Advice on how to look and what to wear
4.Email follow up

Also see my page on Marlow FM - I am always looking for interesting people to interveiw on my fortnightly programme. Mid Morning Matters alternate Wednesdays in the month. It doesn't have to be about business.

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