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Where is SHE?
One of the best things about regular networking is meeting the amazing people and the inspirational lives they lead. We all knew each other and where we were headed and many women supported each other. Life and Businesses move on and if you are being successful you have no choice but to go with that flow and where it is taking you. One thing for sure - no business will stand still, it either does well and flourishes - or it sinks. For those who are accused of having a hobby business, you might well find out you survive the lot.

Most of us evolve into something else and at present I am taking the time out for public speaking and helping with others networking. I enjoy seeing Ladies Who Latte grow and despite those who have knocked it for being a woman only event, it is surviving. Too many other networking groups have sprung up in the Thames Valley and within a short space of time have folded. Others will carry on with their loyal audience, but keeping the interest as people move on is not easy. So for the present SHE wil have a little rest and come out when the occassion needs her or dare I say - deserves HER.

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