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SHEplc for women in business One of the best things that can happen to you when you have been in business for some time is getting the opportunity to help others. We should all do this as it is so valuable to yourself as well as to others. Many talk about 'giving back' but I think it is a bigger reward than that and a compliment to your skills.

It was an honour to be invited to the new start-up business advice group run by Saira
Majid at ASPIRE in Slough. My next event is supporting them as a Judge at their 'Dragon's Den' awards event. If you would like to know more about starting a business in the Slough area, please contact Saira below and if you would like to attend - get in quick, spaces are limited.

Message from Saira:
I am really excited to invite you to our next Inspire Networking Evening. We will be celebrating the NEW BUSINESS START UP AWARDS! This will be a fun evening where we will be running a Dragon’s Den style competition on the night and 5 new businesses will be presenting to a panel of judges. There will be inspirational guest speakers and the opportunity to network with other Start Up businesses in Slough.

THURSDAY 7TH March 2013

at the IQ Marketing Suite , 210 Bath Road , Slough , SL1 3YD
TIME 5.30PM – 8PM

We are expecting around 40 people to attend this event and you must book your place via email now ! Email :

Mary’s Blog on The Business Card:

What does your business card say about you and your business? Did you give it lots of thought, did you leave it to a designer or did you take pot luck and trawl some free sites and chose a template that seemed to suit. This is one thing that is worth you talking to the professionals about. Ask your friendly printer or graphic designer and start to invest in your business card. Let’s face it – this card is around when you are not. It is passed by strangers who don’t know you but are either ‘getting rid’ of your card to someone else or they are using it as part of a referral scheme – or hopefully recommending you as a fab person to do business with – what impression have you just created? Make sure your business card does your speaking for you.

Use these suggestions to help you check if your card is OK:

1. How does it feel – quality or cheap?
2. Does it say what you do?
3. Does it say how to contact you?
4. Is your photo on there – if appropriate to your business
5. Can you see the writing without glasses?
6. Make use of the back of your card for a message

Give your business a make-over with a business card uplift.

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHAT SMALL BUSINESS STATISTICS ARE OR MEAN - WELL CHECK THIS INFO OUT FROM FSB - I am Vice- Chairman of East Berkshire Branch.... If you would like to know about FSB - let me know:

Small Business Statistics
• There are 4.8 million small businesses in the UK (up from 4 million in 2003)
• 3 million businesses are sole proprietors
• 1.3 million are companies
• 462,000 are partnerships
• 97 per cent of firms employ less than 20 people
• 95 per cent employ less than 5 people
• Over 500,000 people start up their own business every year
• Small and medium-sized firms employ more than 59.4 per cent of the private sector workforce
• 13.7 million people work in small and medium-sized firms
• Small firms contribute more than 50.1 per cent of the UK turnover
• 64 per cent of commercial innovations come from small firms
• 25 per cent of all private sector enterprises operate in Business Services
• 21 per cent of all private sector enterprises operate in Wholesale, Retail or Repairs
• Small firms collect and pay Tax, NICs, VAT and other dues which help pay for public services
• 33 per cent of all UK enterprises are in London and the South-East
• Over 2 million people run their small business from home
• Another 7.5 million people work for their boss from home

micro: 0-9 employees, small: 10-50 employees, medium: 50-249 employees


Latest News from Mary Flavelle
How we began Ladies who Latte
I cannot believe it is now nearly 8 years ago since Sharon Connelly and I got together and started a networking group for women only which is still thriving. It happened from an aside comment by Sharon, wouldn't it be great just to meet for a coffee and chat without having to pay for expensive meetings - that was it- The popular new coffee stores were popping up and Latte was a favourite. So began Ladies Who Latte.....

SHEplc Blogs
Where is SHE?
Good Question? She has become a grandmother of 5 little darlings and happy to be taking time out to enjoy their growing up. HOWEVER - what SHE was all about was quality networking, fabulous venues and inspirational ladies. My reply question is Where have you gone???

SHEplc Ladies
The March Horoscope
March begins with a huge emphasis on the sign of Pisces, the sign of dreams, fantasy and imagery. This is the month to let your imagination run wild and spend time connecting with your personal hopes and wishes, as now is the time to turn dreams into reality. Love and compassion are also high on the agenda – let’s spread it around! Mars, planet of motivation and action, moves into fiery Aries on the 12th, heralding a dramatic shift in energy as this planet expects you to leap into action and get things done. The New Moon in Pisces on the 11th marks a new beginning and connects us all with a deeply compassionate and spiritual purpose. The messenger planet Mercury is still in retrograde motion until the 18th, so as always during this cycle, please do double check your travel plans and any written documents. Achievement and accomplishment are possible just in time for the Spring Equinox on the 20th as the Sun arrives in the fiery and passionate sign of Aries,

Ladies Who Latte
Testimonials for Mary Flavelle
As small business owners we need help from others by way of testimonials and recommendations so people know they can trust us. In the networking world a lot of trust is placed on complete strangers and to be honest in most cases it is well placed, but sometimes people let us down - and themselves. If you have done a good job, ask for a recommendation and place it on your website, it helps others make up thier mind if they will do business with you - or not.

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